We are Caro and Angy, a mexican couple who loves travelling, food, wine, dancing and everything that give us freedom, and with our dog (Chispita) we want to know the world in a different way: WITHOUT CLOTHES!

yup, that’s right, we are nudist and we have promoted nudism since 2020. But wait, before you run away, give yourself the opportunity to know what’s nudism. We know there’s a lot of wrong information out there, so we will work our best to keep you update it with cool and nice information.

Let’s give a little bit of context… Caro met nudism in March 2017 in a pool party in Guadalajara, Jalisco a month later she invited Angy (by then, we were only friends) but from there on we realized swimsuits were unnecessary to really enjoy anything related with water.

But wasn’t till 2020 (what a year! that made all of us move from our confort zone) as a couple that we decided to start a proyect, we had a lot of free time thanks to quarantine, so there was when FREESOULS was born.

What really pushed us to give this step was realizing there weren’t women Spanish speakers leaders in nudism, so everything started from there. Little by little we have been shaping our project, where we want to be guide for everyone who’s interested in nudism but especially women, through our channel on YouTube (FreeSoulsca), our podcast (Hablemos de nudismo) and now our blog.

We want that nudism becomes friendly to everyone, so they can listen tu us, watch us or read us. But also, we want to be voices of the communities we belong to, like the LGBTIQ+ community and also feminist.

If you would like to discover how nudism has brought liberty to our lives (not only physically but also mentally) we invite you to read our different articles. We hope they help you as much as they have helped us.

We really appreciate the time you took to read us and thanks for joining us in this journey.